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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to clean the linens before I return them?

No. Actually, we prefer that you don't. A lot of linens come back damaged because someone thought they were doing the right thing to clean the linens before sending them back. We would rather you just leave the linens alone, no matter how dirty. Make sure you shake out the linens to remove any loose food. 99% of stains we can remove with our laundry process. Mold however, cannot be removed especially on colored cloths. No matter what kind of liquid was spilled on the linen, let it dry COMPLETELY before bagging them.



What if I am missing something upon return?

We encourage our customers to count their items as they are bagging them up for return. That way you will know right away if you are missing something and can recover it to avoid replacement charges. If any item is not returned with your order, replacement charges will be applied. The replacement charge for chair covers and tablecloths is five times the cost of the rental.



I have been charged for something that was missing, but I have found it. Now what?

As long as the item or items are returned within 15 days from your event date, we will credit you for the item returned. Any item returned beyond that time frame will be credited partially , minus any applicable late charges. We would much rather have our items back than have to charge you for them so please make sure that when you are packaging your items for return, that you are accounting for each piece that was sent to you.



What if something is damaged during my event?

The most likely causes for damages to rented linens are wax from candles, burn holes from cigarettes, cuts in table linens from unsuspecting butter knives, and mold. If you are having candles on your tables, make sure they are secure so they can't tip over and are not placed directly on the table linen. Candles in candelabras will drip onto the table linens from above. Make sure there is something below the candle to help catch the wax. Do not worry about a spilled glass of wine . Mold is the most common killer of linens and chair covers and it cannot be removed. The wine stain on the other hand, can be removed with proper treatment. Please let wet items dry before bagging them.



What if I need to cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, your deposit will not be refunded. You will be able to apply your deposit to another event if you reschedule within one year from the date your event is cancelled.



What if I need to reschedule my event?

In the event that you need to reschedule, please let us know immediately so that we can check avaialibity for the items you require. In the event that the items you ordered are not available for your new date, you will have to take what is avaialable. 



What is the deposit to reserve an order?

In order to reserve your items, we require a $100 deposit. The deposit is applied toward the final balance of your order, but it is non-refundable in the event you decide to cancel your order.  You may pay by credit card, cash, check, money order, or PayPal.



Do you sell your chair covers and table linens?

Sorry, we will only rent our chair covers and table linens. They are not available for purchase.



When do the rental items need to be returned?

All the rental items need to be returned within 1 business day of the event date.



How does this work?

You place your order over the phone or via email. Once we verify that the items are available for your date,  a deposit is required to hold your items for your event. If we cannot verify the size chair cover you need, you will need to obtain the chair measurements and order a sample for fitting purposes. Your final count and final payment are due two weeks before your event date.



When is my final payment due?

Your final payment is due two weeks before your event. You may pay your final balance with any major credit card, check, cash or money order. 



How far in advance should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order 3-6 months in advance.  All orders that are placed within 2 months of the event date will require down half of the total order amount. All orders are based upon availability.



When do I have to give my final count?

Final count and final payment are due two weeks before the event date. In the event that your final count is more than the original amount requested, the two week time frame allow us time to place an order.


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