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About GE

About the owner

For many years GE has planned glamorous & elegant events for couples, families and businesses.  We continue to provide our clients with the resources, expertise, and attentiveness to orchestrate an impeccable event. 


Glamorous Elegance is dedicated to making sure that all weddings and events are designed and planned with your vision in mind.  We believe that everyone deserves a fabulous wedding day!




In 1999 Delonna Michelle began her venture in event planning starting with small corporat events. Having a passion for benefiting others, fulfilling hopes and making dreams come true, she founded Perfect Day Events in 2004.  She saw a need for not only wedding planning, but her love of making things beautiful had become a passion. Therefore, the name was changed to Glamorous Elegance in 2009. 

Together with her team, she has planned and executed hundreds of events. 

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